Liv Reidun Brakstad is a Norwegian performance artist born in Hjelmeland municipality in Rogaland, Norway in 1943. Brakstad made her artistic debut at the National Art Exhibition in Oslo in 1993 at the age of fifty. Brakstad has done performances in various parts of the world over the last 25 years. She is particularly famous for her unofficial performances like the one during the opening of the Venice biennial where she as been performing since 1995. 

Brakstad (25th of December 1943) has since the debut been designated by using her own body as a work of art. Brakstad's art is often seen as a work of classical women's conventions, but her artwork takes a clear activist and political standpoint. Brakstad's ability to illuminate environmental matters on a international level has given her a voice at the international art scene. Brakstad has participated in numerous exhibitions and featured at some of the largest art institutions in the world. Her artistic work is highly recognized and she is one of the foremost performance artists in Norway. 


Brakstad, originally an educated nurse, is a graduate of The Nansen Humanistic Academy, Strykejernet Art School, lectures undef Prof Hilmar Fredriksen at the Norwegian Arts and Crafts School. She is a member of Norwegian artists (NBK) and the young artists' society (UKS).



Eili Lindøe, Henrik J. Sæther, Runi Kristoffersen, Gerd Bøe, Kai Bratbergsengen, Lars Eivind Bones (Dagbladet) Per Didrik Wærner, Bent Erik Myrvoll, Solveig Landa, Rolf Chr. Ulrichsen (Aftenposten), Jan Walaker, AKo, Hege Tatjana Kaper, Anne Lise Stenseth, Anna Widen, Mira Zahl, Elin Bøe Kleiveland, Amelie Darnis, Jiri Havran, Solfrid Kvæstad, Zanzibar Photo Studio, Yngvar Larsen, Amorph, Tom Martinsen (Dagbladet), Alsaker&Chrustiansen, Anneli B. Madsen, Ragnhild Margrete Tananger, Guy Houlbrook, Torunn Nilsen, Thorleif Gjedebo, Brita Carlen,  Andrea Gjestvang (Dagbladet), Ingunn Woie, Kirsten Hansson, Hanne Nygaard and Adriana Bertet.

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